Affordable CAD Drawings Delivered Digitally

Why do we exist?
A few years ago I wanted an extension at home, it involved no end of additional costs along the way and one that was particularly painful in the pocket was the CAD Drawings! I decided once the extension was completed to go in search of a unique team of leading designers to provide this service online. Turns out we did it!

We have a team of leading designers ready in the wings who we contract the work out to. We only use the best and ensure the level of services is as you would receive on the high street.

What do we need?
Not much from you at all, once you place your order you can email over your drawings to our in box and we will crack on. Within 24-48 hours you will receive your 2D or 3D drawings.

What next?
Choose what you need from our store, pay and then email us the job.

Need something a little different?
No problem! We do bespoke work and packages but we need to figure out how much to charge and then get the item into the store for you to buy. If you do need something bespoke simply email in the details: and we will work out a package for you.

Unsure or want to test the water?
No problem! If you think you might be putting a large amount of work our way then we’ll give you the first drawing free and discounts on a few more. We can then negotiate a package that is right for you. It might be 5 a month or it might be 500 a month. Either way let’s discuss…

We are new to this, it was just an idea that we believe will help everyone get something important much cheaper online… Give us chance and let us prove we are a new significant player in the industry.

Best Regards

The Big Cheese.